Sunday, December 23, 2007

the one where jerome is having a séance

This would be your classic Type A dream; of daily recall, but a little bit more... there were multiple 'feeds' for this dream.

1) Today was a full moon.
2) While out with our friends Jason and Franco, it was mentioned once or twice about having a séance some time. I'm fully open to the experience having participated in them prior, and believing in the experience.
3) I've been chatting with Jerome quite a lot in recent days via Facebook. He's a funny guy and I enjoy his clever wit.
4) I seem to recall reading a post on Jerome's blog about going ghost hunting with friends on at least one occasion...

Add all these facts together, add in exhaustion from 3 weeks of extended work hours and the details all blend and criss-cross...

It's dusk, or twilight if you will in the Dream, but instead of the full moon that is actually occurring as I sleep, it's a new moon. I can't say EXACTLY where it's located, but suffice to say it's your average Suburb. Both Jerome and I live apparently rather close by, as I decided in the course of just a few moments into the dream to go visit him; unannounced. - Now that's just something I'd never do. I have only ever once shown up on someone's doorstep without confirming in advance, I do not even show up at family or the closest friend's house with out them being aware of my arrival....

When I get to Jerome's, I knock on the side door, but there's no answer. A minute goes by and so I knock again. There's no reason for me to believe that he is home but I keep on trying. After about five minutes of knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell Jerome answers the door and is followed by a few others who begin to leave. He asks why I'm there as he was not expecting me, and I say that I don't know why I'm there, only that I felt I had to go there and knew to stay ti he answered. He comments that this is strange as they (he and the others) were attempting a séance.

I express my fear and concern as I realize they've been attempting a séance during the new moon; a dangerous act indeed. The dark moon is not a time of any other-worldly contact, at least not for or with any positive(good) contact or outcome... I ask if anything happened he indicates no and so it appears that all will be ok.

We continue to talk, but at that point the dream fades away...

Friday, November 30, 2007

the one where I'm a spice boy

There's been a lot of hoop-la about the Spice Girls in recent weeks, what with their re-group and world tour, as well as Mel "Scary Spice" Brown participating in the recently completed season of Dancing With the Stars; and considering I once had a dream where I replaced Gerri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell after she left the group, it should come as no surprise that I've once again dreams of being a Spice girl. Laugh I know. But these have always been entertaining to me.

In this most recent dream, a Blogger Friend Jerome (DullGloomy) and I are both new Spice Girls. More precisely we are Spice Boys. The first Spice Boys thank you very much! I was recruited more for my Singing ability and Jerome for his Dance. And it becomes very clear early on in the dream that while I excel while singing, I have two left club feet when dancing, and sure Jerome may be the Baryshnikov of the Spice World, he is just ahead of Posh in his singing abilities (Which as far as I know is far from the truth, seeing as he's a singer-actor-dancer in real life)

No amount of training and practise makes me understand the intricate and never-ending dance moves we are to preform on stage and I even consider a faux broken leg just before our tour begins so I don't have to dance...

Nothing much when you look at it, but again some dreams are just meant to entertain and this one delivered for me, to be sure. Wile in real life I don't 'wannabe' a Spice Anything, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want, and that would be future instalments in my dream life as a Spice Boy!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

from the vault 1: the one about me and rasia gorbachyova (gorbachev)

Date: Pre-1991 USSR collapse. I seem to recall it being near the end of 1990 or early 1991 insofar as I recall that the dream was loosely based in the then, current day time frame and there was snow...

- - -

The dream starts as I am in a briefing room here in Canada -or possibly the US- I cannot say for sure. I've never been clear at all on if I'm working for the FBI, CIA, CSIS or what... I'm being briefed about my next mission - seems I'm a special agent type- to sneak into the USSR and extricate Rasia gorbachyova. Both her husband Mikhail and she are under the threat of some unknown terrorist group.

I am only assigned the task of getting her out safely. Someone else, unknown to me, is to get Mikhail out safely. The reason for two separate missions is to minimize exposure and make it easier to flee without mass detection.

What is of particular interest is that I cannot even enter into the country as myself, or with some forged papers. Security and risk of detection is that great. All eyes are on every foreigner entering the country. So I must enter in great disguise; that of one of Russia's beloved circus bears. (yea I know!)

From a few kms outside of the border I get into my costume, and I have to say, if you didn't know it was a costume, you'd think I was a bear. And from that point I have to walk on my four bear legs, through the wilderness... you know, blend in with the natural surroundings... that is until I reach the out skirts of Moscow when I have to get into a travelling circus holding a command performance for the government.

After my 'number', which was mostly me riding a tricycle and then a bicycle and then the finale of me and a unicycle, I finally escape the confines of my costume, stash the bear fur and go off to complete my mission. I can remember having to race down one incredibly huge white marble staircase , covered in a long crimson runner (the reddest red. By far one of the most vivid colours of this or any dream I've ever had)across a marbled floor and up another stair case, to get to the Gorbachev's private opera box, from where they were watching the circus. the opulece of this part of the dream still impresses me. Gold-leafed statuary, I can still clearly see one dancing cherub playing a lyre... while just on the other side of the walls of this building you would surely see many in the street looking for just enough money to buy a loaf of bread. I'm sure that's not very different than today, for many.

After finally getting into the room, I draw Rasia's attention, and while I pretend to be serving her Champagne, I indicate my cause and within minutes we are on the run. Fleeing god knows who, but fleeing none the less. And we are travelling fast. while we mostly travel on the road, when we hit the country, we travel off road as much as possible.

Within 2 days (almost non-stop) we are finally across the Belarus/Poland border, I leave Rasia at a safe house and make contact with my boss.

I cannot remember if they got Mikhail, but well, that was not my worry, not my cause. I remember that for her continued safety that 'official news reports had to indicate she had simply gone 'missing' and that in time they'd simply list his as deceased. She was immediately given a new identity and decided to stay in Poland, along the northern coast, in Gdansk.

- - -

So really, I cant say this was a Type B - Prophetic dream, as there was never, at least to me terrorist plot to kill the gorbachevs, and they were never smuggled out of the country. although at the time one might have thought so. Rather, I simply look on this as one of my sub-conscious' more creative type C - Entertainment dreams. And wouldn't you agree?

Whenever anyone starts talking about dreams, I often reference this one, when it comes to "My dream is more bizarre than your dream" challenges. And I generally win.

Monday, October 29, 2007

the one where I'm a native chieftan

This was one of those dreams, where you know you are you, but you are not the you, you are here in this reality.

In this one, I'm an Indian, or rather, more correctly a Native. A Native of where, I don't really know, although from the geology of the dream I'd venture it was somewhere in the mid-Atlantic (or possibly Pacific) Coast of North America. The terrain was rocky with a lot of coniferous forest, and we were situated on a body of water... I'd say something like a small inland bay or sheltered cove. I can distinctly recall that there was tidal action, but the water was not cold, so I can't say that we were far north. Conversely the water was very clear, but not 'tropical clear', rather it was cold clear... the type of clear because the water is not warm enough to support a heavy algae population. By "we" I mean myself and the others in not only my tribe, but neighbouring tribes as well.

Our tribe lives a type of cave complex. Because we are an older more established tribe we occupy it outright, and no other tribe challenges us for that right. There is a main cave chamber which is lit by many fires, and off to 2 ends are smaller chambers populated by smaller family sub-groups of anywhere from two to 8 people. I occupy a chamber that has 2 entrances, one to the main chamber and another to the outside where I can quickly access the beach, and yet it is sheltered enough to require fire light as well.

Other tribes live near the same coastal area as we, but on the other side of the body of water. Others still further inland. They comprise various shelter types, from long houses and domed wigwams inland, to more of a lean-to shelter type near cliffs at others.

There does not appear to be much interaction between tribes, although helpful if needed. And there is a sense of ritual exchange of both male and female adolescent members, to ensure that relations remain friendly - you would not attack a village containing your own tribesmen.

- - -

There is a seemingly fast passage of time, in that I can recall the change of seasons from Spring to Summer to Autumn and then impending onset of Winter. The majority of the dream though was in the latter two seasons.

In the early half of the dream there is unrest and worry over who is to become the new Chief of our tribe. I cannot recall the fate of the last Chief, however I don't think it was actually covered in the dream itself. There was an obvious sense of loss, and there was some sadness but nothing overtly dreadful as if he were killed on purpose either by human or animal attack. In the end, I become the Chief. Not that I feel particularly deserving of the position, and indeed there is some trepidation from myself, and from some of the tribe as well. There is, as well some jealousy from some of the other male members of the tribe, but they refuse to challenge me for my place.

A large part of the reason I became the Chief is because of those aware of my mystical abilities. I cannot recall all that I was able to do, but I could control water; there was one fragment where I am walking out on the beach as the tide is coming in. As I walk (I can recall clearly looking down at my feet as I walked) that I could will the low waves to not touch me but rather the water would roll on around me. This caused both fear as well as awe from the others.

Another fragment I can recall is a moment when I am returning from visiting one of the nearby tribes, (on the other side of the bay/inlet) as I walk through the water that while at high tide, never comes past my waist when it should be well over my head - as if I have willed the tide down where I am. As well, there is a common fear that some beast in the water can harm people, but as I walk through the water any animals near me; fish, crabs, jellyfish,etc all stay about a meter away from me. As I exit the water on our beach, everyone in the tribe is in awe that I've made the impossible trip across the water. This reassures the tribe that I cannot be easily harmed and as an extension of that I can protect the tribe.

I cannot recall any other wise-man or spiritual figure in the tribe. It seems that I have that as a dual role along with being the Chief.

- - -

As Winter draws closer, there is unrest in the tribe that we will not have enough food stores. I call a meeting of the tribe to ensure them I will not allow anyone to starve and that we need not migrate like the other tribes in the area are doing.

As I prepare for the tribal council my spouse informs me that someone has gone into my private cave area and taken a gold talisman that I should be wearing for the meeting. It's of no particular design as I recall but rather seemed to be a gold nugget or some such. About 6-8 cms in length and 2-3 cms wide. This is not an item of a chiefly nature, rather a spiritual one that I wear to help focus my thoughts (including those of my othernatrural powers)

Just moments before the council convenes the talisman is found and I must banish the thief. I have to make an example of the individual so as to assert not only my dominance but too, to ensure that the tribe feels that my placement was valid. To everyone's amazement the banishment is not only from our tribe and our lands but seemingly from mother earth as the person fades until disappeared. It is now clear, unquestionable that I am Chief and they will listen to me.

- - -

Even as other tribes continue their seasonal migration, and wonder why we are not leaving. I thank them for their concern and offer my blessings to the other tribal Chiefs and Chieftesses that they may freely pass through our territory and that we wish them safe passage and look forward to seeing them return in the Spring as we look too for the return of many migrating bird and animal alike.

Our food stores are increasing as if from thin air... although I know there is more at work including honouring many woodland and sea spirits to aid us through the cold months. It is also with much meditation and honouring to the many spirits of Land, Sea and Air that this is so.

It is at about this time as the fist snow flakes begin to fall, that I wake up to the alarm. - I hate alarm clocks...


Added notes:

Wed. Oct 31st 2007.

Upon reflection I seem to feel as though my spouse is actually my old roommate in Halifax, Stefani Woods. I should send her an email with all this, she what she thinks.

so what's this blog all about?

I Dream.

I'm an avid dreamer.

I'm also a Pisces. An Archetypal Pisces, (thank you very much) and I believe that's to a great part as to why my dreams are such an integral part of me as they are.

In fact, I take pride in my dreams. They preform many duties for me. They entertain, educate and inform me. They can at the same time mystify and de-mystify things for me. They give me glimpses beyond the veil of this reality.

I can dream lucidly. This is not a daily activity, in fact it happens only occasionally, but that's because for me, in general, it requires a long uninterrupted sleep and a chance to sleep late into the morning. Together with this ability I can also continue a dream, as if on pause, often nights if not weeks, months and years apart.

As well, I have, what I feel is an above average dream recall. While I can recall typically multiple dreams after each night's slumber, I will often quickly jettison many from my memory and focus on retaining the information and details only of those that peak my interest. These are not always the ones you or even I would suspect, but then like a person's personal preferences for books, music, movies, TV, colours, food and so on, it's sometimes rather difficult to explain. I prefer not to make such an explanation mandatory, rather just accept that it is, what it is.

- - -

I can categorize all my dreams into 4 distinct types:

Type A: Daily Recall.

This is simply a dream either intentionally or unintentionally fed by recent events, dramas, enjoyable moments, unfinished business, unclear paths to take or unresolved issues. They offer help resolve the whys and wherefores. Help me make decisions. They help me to review and store the details of those moments, and help me see what I did not consciously see ad an important detail, or information.

Type B: Prophetic.

Fairly rare for me, but I've had them. Dreams foretelling an event. Although I often have these more typically as day-dream events or visions in an almost dreamlike/trance like state.

Type C: Entertainment.

This is the most common type for me and is, I truly believe, my subconscious simply entertaining me in my hours of slumber. There is no message, no hidden secrets or agendas. They are as much comedic and humorous as they are sometimes horrific and terrifying nightmares. Just like I sometimes watch comedies, I also watch dramas and horror films...

Type D: Alternate Realities.

OK, you might think I'm a total nut-job, but to be quite frank, I don't really care. I have a firm Pagan belief that our reality is not the only one. 'Our World' is layered on many 'Other Worlds' on the same planet we call Earth. Some existing in the same time frames,, others in the past. There are some in the future, but I'll admit I've not cognitively recalled any of them.

And in these 'Other Worlds', WE exist. Maybe not all of us in every alternative reality or world, but in many.

In these Type D dreams, I believe that I am offered glimpses into these other dimensions. I am often lucid and while not so much directing the dream, I am existing cognitively in that reality. I believe that our spirit/soul is simultaneously existing in all the alternates that we inhabit at any given time.

Some I believe are also past-life recall. Sort of a video tape recall of events from times gone by (here and otherwhere) .

Sometimes I recognize others in these dreams, and in such cases I'm going to record for posterity whom I feel these people are, in this 'Our World' reality.

- - -

OK, so why have I started recording these dreams of mine?

Well for starters, I'm not going to record ALL of them, quite frankly I don't have the time! I will however record the ones that stand out. The ones I thick about, analyze and review in my head days after.

I'll also record for good measure the ones I can still recall from years gone by. I figure if I can remember a dream I had 25+ years ago, there's something I've yet to discover about it.

AND because while I've never had what you'd typically call a Dream Diary, well not one for more than a week or so, I've often thought it might be interesting to record the ones that, to me, are worth remembering in the first place.

And why is this called "Fragments of my Dreams", well because often some of the information is a feeling of the dream and ultimately, even with the recall I've developed over time, some information either is so veiled that even I cannot perceive it, or it may simply be that I omit what I feel is flotsam and jetsam, or it might be because I do not wish to share a particular image, perception or detail. In the end they are still mine.

So here we go. I'll Label these posts with what for me are the main subjects, and dream-type, as well as indicated, I'll mention those I recognize in the dream because who knows maybe you had the same dream as me. Maybe it was THE same dream.
- - -
And finally, I'm going to allow comments, at least for now, on all dream posts, but comments will be moderated.