Monday, October 29, 2007

so what's this blog all about?

I Dream.

I'm an avid dreamer.

I'm also a Pisces. An Archetypal Pisces, (thank you very much) and I believe that's to a great part as to why my dreams are such an integral part of me as they are.

In fact, I take pride in my dreams. They preform many duties for me. They entertain, educate and inform me. They can at the same time mystify and de-mystify things for me. They give me glimpses beyond the veil of this reality.

I can dream lucidly. This is not a daily activity, in fact it happens only occasionally, but that's because for me, in general, it requires a long uninterrupted sleep and a chance to sleep late into the morning. Together with this ability I can also continue a dream, as if on pause, often nights if not weeks, months and years apart.

As well, I have, what I feel is an above average dream recall. While I can recall typically multiple dreams after each night's slumber, I will often quickly jettison many from my memory and focus on retaining the information and details only of those that peak my interest. These are not always the ones you or even I would suspect, but then like a person's personal preferences for books, music, movies, TV, colours, food and so on, it's sometimes rather difficult to explain. I prefer not to make such an explanation mandatory, rather just accept that it is, what it is.

- - -

I can categorize all my dreams into 4 distinct types:

Type A: Daily Recall.

This is simply a dream either intentionally or unintentionally fed by recent events, dramas, enjoyable moments, unfinished business, unclear paths to take or unresolved issues. They offer help resolve the whys and wherefores. Help me make decisions. They help me to review and store the details of those moments, and help me see what I did not consciously see ad an important detail, or information.

Type B: Prophetic.

Fairly rare for me, but I've had them. Dreams foretelling an event. Although I often have these more typically as day-dream events or visions in an almost dreamlike/trance like state.

Type C: Entertainment.

This is the most common type for me and is, I truly believe, my subconscious simply entertaining me in my hours of slumber. There is no message, no hidden secrets or agendas. They are as much comedic and humorous as they are sometimes horrific and terrifying nightmares. Just like I sometimes watch comedies, I also watch dramas and horror films...

Type D: Alternate Realities.

OK, you might think I'm a total nut-job, but to be quite frank, I don't really care. I have a firm Pagan belief that our reality is not the only one. 'Our World' is layered on many 'Other Worlds' on the same planet we call Earth. Some existing in the same time frames,, others in the past. There are some in the future, but I'll admit I've not cognitively recalled any of them.

And in these 'Other Worlds', WE exist. Maybe not all of us in every alternative reality or world, but in many.

In these Type D dreams, I believe that I am offered glimpses into these other dimensions. I am often lucid and while not so much directing the dream, I am existing cognitively in that reality. I believe that our spirit/soul is simultaneously existing in all the alternates that we inhabit at any given time.

Some I believe are also past-life recall. Sort of a video tape recall of events from times gone by (here and otherwhere) .

Sometimes I recognize others in these dreams, and in such cases I'm going to record for posterity whom I feel these people are, in this 'Our World' reality.

- - -

OK, so why have I started recording these dreams of mine?

Well for starters, I'm not going to record ALL of them, quite frankly I don't have the time! I will however record the ones that stand out. The ones I thick about, analyze and review in my head days after.

I'll also record for good measure the ones I can still recall from years gone by. I figure if I can remember a dream I had 25+ years ago, there's something I've yet to discover about it.

AND because while I've never had what you'd typically call a Dream Diary, well not one for more than a week or so, I've often thought it might be interesting to record the ones that, to me, are worth remembering in the first place.

And why is this called "Fragments of my Dreams", well because often some of the information is a feeling of the dream and ultimately, even with the recall I've developed over time, some information either is so veiled that even I cannot perceive it, or it may simply be that I omit what I feel is flotsam and jetsam, or it might be because I do not wish to share a particular image, perception or detail. In the end they are still mine.

So here we go. I'll Label these posts with what for me are the main subjects, and dream-type, as well as indicated, I'll mention those I recognize in the dream because who knows maybe you had the same dream as me. Maybe it was THE same dream.
- - -
And finally, I'm going to allow comments, at least for now, on all dream posts, but comments will be moderated.