Wednesday, January 23, 2008

from the vault 2: the one about my mom having twins

I can't really say what this dream was all about. was it an entertaining dream or something deeper, I've never been able to decide. I had it back in early 91.

What I can recall, as vivid as my commute to work today is that it was set in the same time and place as 'reality'. I was living with my parents' house. My Mother although many years past menopause, had given birth to a set of twins. Now what makes this remarkable aside from the fact that, as I said, she was post-menopausal, was that after giving birth to me she had a hysterectomy, and both of these facts remained accurate in the dream. (again I can't explain it, this was of course a dream after all). Another oddity was that the twins while male and female, were considered identical by medical officials. (again, this is not possible in real life, but that's what you get in a dream)

While the twins were (I assume) those of my Mother and Father, they were at least for the purposes of rearing the children, mine. I can still recall the feeling of such unbridled joy as I held them in my arms. How instantly protective and responsible I felt for them. and the sheer amount of love I had for them and they for me - I could feel that, deeper than anything else. I do not recall having named them, although I must have, I cannot imagine not.

But, no names are recalled even though I can see their faces, even now.

Unfortunately the only other thing I can recall about this dream was that it was too short. And when I woke up it was indeed time to get up, there was no time to go back to sleep to force myself back into this dream.

For days after I was in a deep depression as I realized that it was only a dream and the feelings off joy and love seemed riped from my soul.

- - -

Some might speculate that this was a manifestation of my deep desire to have children myself, but I'd say not at all. While I've occasionally thought it would be nice to have a child, it's never been high on my lists.

I actually think it was more a reflection of my own self, the twins somehow representing my what? different expressions of my self? my soul? any ideas?... let me know.

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